Wireless Discussion Unit

  • Used as delegate or chairman unit
  • Separate battery pack, easy to change and charge
  • Advanced power saving techniques
  • Low susceptibility to electromagnetic interference
  • Auto microphone-off

Ordering Information

DCN‑WD‑D Wireless Discussion Unit
pluggable microphone, dark base, wireless;
microphone, rims and batteries to be ordered
Order number DCN-WD-D

DCN‑MICS Pluggable Short Microphone
length 310 mm (12.2 inch), silver
Order number DCN-MICS

DCN-MICL Pluggable Long Microphone
Length 480 mm (18.9 inch), silver
Order number DCN-MICL

DCN‑DISRH‑SR Rim High Gloss Silver (10 pcs)
silver, high gloss, 10 pieces
Order number DCN-DISRH-SR

DCN‑DISR‑SR Rim Silver (10 pcs)
silver, 10 pieces
Order number DCN-DISR-SR

DCN‑DISR‑D Rim Dark (10 pcs)
dark, 10 pieces
Order number DCN-DISR-D

DCN‑DISRMH Rim Metal High Gloss (10 pcs)
metal, high gloss, 10 pieces
Order number DCN-DISRMH

DCN‑DISRMS Rim Metal Semi Gloss (10 pcs)
metal, semi gloss, 10 pieces
Order number DCN-DISRMS

DCN‑DISBCM Buttons Chairman (10 sets)
10 sets
Order number DCN-DISBCM

DCN‑WLIION‑D Battery Pack for Wireless Discussion Units
charcoal color, lithium-ion, 7.2 VDC, 4800 mAh
Order number DCN-WLIION-D

DCN‑WPS Power Supply for Wireless Discussion Units
not approved for some countries
order number DCN-WPS

DCN-FCWD10 Flight Case for 10 Wireless Discussion Units
light grey, can hold 10 wireless discussion units and 2
charging units
Order number DCN-FCWD10

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6 -88970294

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