Commercial Type Number
Video Analytic
at the eadge
Essential Video Analytic
Intelligent Video Analytic
Bitrate management Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction
Intelligent streaming
Compression (H.265/ H.264 & MJPEG) / multi-streaming //4 streams
Basic features Maximum resolution HD 1080p
Image sensor type 1/2.8" 
Max.frames per second(fps) 60 fps@ 1080p
Indoor/ Outdoor/ invehicle //
Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) 120dB
ONVIF conformant
Advanced features Intelligent Auto Exposure/ Intelligent Defog /
Privacy masking
Nbr of presets / guard tours 256/2
Intelligent Tracking
Alarm triggering Tamper detection / Video motion detection /
Built- in Video Analytic
Audio detection (with VJC-7000-90)
 PTZ Intelligent Tracking
Sensitivity Minimum illumination day mode (color) 0.007 lux
Minimum illumination night mode (black/ white) 0.0008 lux 
Night vision (optional illuminator)
Max. range at night 450 m (1476 ft)
Lens Focal length 4.3 -129 mm
Horizontal Angle of View (HAoV) 2.3° to 63.7°
PTZ Zoom optical / digital 30x / 12x
Tilt angle -58° to 90° (upright), -90° to 90° (canted)
DORI distances Detect /Observe / Recogize / Identify
(Distances according to EN-IEC 62676-4 standard)
62-1913 / 25-759 /12-383/ 6-191
Storage Memory card slot (up to 32 GB) (with VJC-7000-90)
Cloud application storage Auto or Alarm JPEG Posting ,
Video Clips or JPEG Exporting
Connections Alarm input / output 5/3 (with MIC-ALM-WAS-24)
Audio in / out / (with VJC-7000-90)
Hybrid / public view monitor (with external decoder)/  
Housing Weather rating  IP68
Vandal resistant IK10
Operating temperature -40° to 65° C (-40° to 149° F)
Power input voltage Power over Ethernet/12V/24V (PoE++)/

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تهران، خیابان فاطمی (غرب) - بین حجاب و پروین اعتصامی - برج ساعت - طبقه 3 - واحد 32

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6 -88970294

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