Bosch DINION IP thermal 8000 camera: early risk detection under extreme conditions

In today’s volatile world political climate, perimeter protection of critical infrastructure such as airports, government buildings, power plants, oil refineries, sea terminals and bridges is a top priority. But despite constant advancements in the technical capabilities of networked security cameras, the number of security breaches is increasing at an alarming rate

The industry has been mounting a strong response. The European and North American perimeter security markets are set to reach US$3.91 billion and $5.1 billion by 2019, respectively. Within this market, network video surveillance has the highest potential to drastically increase perimeter security. But as experience shows, even some of the most advanced and reliable cameras fall short of providing complete protection for two reasons

The two main challenges of perimeter security cameras

The average security operator can miss 90 percent of activity after viewing the video screen for only 20 minutes. Combined with the multitude of cameras operating simultaneously at large facilities the size of commercial airports, these lapses in attention create loopholes for intruders. Looking at the latest data, the main weak spot facing security cameras instantly becomes apparent: human error.

Second, conventional optical video cameras – even the most advanced high-definition versions – reach their limit when it comes to detecting intruders under extreme conditions that cause limited vision. Examples include smoke, fog, dust, mist or spray from bodies of water, heavy rain or complete darkness. Direct light and glare hitting the lens at problematic angles can also “blind” visible light cameras, either from the sun’s natural position in the sky or foul play.

Blending analytics with thermal imaging: DINION IP thermal 8000 camera

But despite rapid technical advancements and heavy investments, there is a catch: Pursued in isolation, both of these countermeasures – video analysis software and thermal imaging cameras – are destined to fall short of providing end-to-end perimeter security under difficult conditions. Without the aid of intelligent video analytics, thermal imaging cameras are reduced to becoming one more screen in the control room that becomes largely unmonitored in a matter of minutes.

This is why Boschis introducing an evolution in the security cameras market. The DINION IP thermal 8000 camera combines the fields of powerful thermal imaging cameras with Bosch’s proprietary suite of built-in intelligent video analytics

Technical parameters: built to withstand the elements

The DINION IP thermal 8000 camera offers excellent thermal performance, built-in intelligent video analytics and outstanding corrosion resistance meeting the EN 50130-5 salt mist test, withstanding up to 1000 hours of salt/mist under test conditions.This makes it ideal for applications such as perimeter protection of airports, critical infrastructures and bridges, ensuring early detection in environments with limited vision due to poor lighting conditions, smoke or complete darkness

As for the DINION IP thermal 8000 camera’s thermal vision capabilities, it uses an advanced thermal module to capture the invisible thermal energy radiating from moving or stationary objects and buildings. The DINION IP thermal 8000 camera’s level of actionable image data delivers images even in situations where natural barriers such as leaves or bushes obstruct the field of view over distances up to 762 meters – even in complete darkness – thanks to the combination of thermal imaging and intelligent video analytics

In late 2017 Bosch will release a new moving camera, the MIC IP fusion 9000i camera – boasting both thermal and optical camera capabilities. Much like the DINION IP thermal 8000 camera, this new high performance camera has the ability to detect thermal movements, but is capable of serving as a complete solution with the ability to automatically detect triggers in images captured in the most extreme conditions, through smoke, in complete darkness or when objects or people are obscured by foliage thanks to the dual cameras (thermal and optical) found inside

Intelligent video analytics has proven highly successful in ruling out false alarms that are especially prevalent in challenging environments prone to snow, wind, rain, hail and water reflections. Making video surveillance more relevant to our end users, so they may never miss a potential threat and can retrieve the correct data quickly, however extreme the conditions

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