DIP-3040-00N ذخیره ساز 32 کانال بوش

Commercial Type Number
Basic functions Max.system size 32
Integrated video management
RAID Level
Supported resolutions CIF/2CIF/4CIF/720p/1080p/5MP
Video comperssion H.264,MPEG-4,ONVIF,RTSP,JPEG
Machanical Form factor  4-bay Mini-Tower
Network connections (LAN) 1x Gigabit Ethernet
USB port 4x USB 2.0/1x USB 3.0
Number of power supplies 1
power supplies hot swappable 
Video output connector type 1 DVI,1 VGA
Spotmonitor 1 per IP decoder , 2nd video output (VGA)
Audio In/ out channels 32 (audio playback
via remote station only)
Compression type G.726
Synchronous audio
Associate multiple cameras to 1 Audio
Recording Video Recording Manager (VRM)
Schedule recording modes
Storage options Max. drives supported 4
Available capacities per drive 2 TB
Base system capacity TB 0, 4 or 8 TB
 Max. Base system capacity TB 8 TB
Full system capacity TB 24 TB
Extenable / external support i SCSI
Storage extentions Max. number of units 2x DIVAR IP 2000 or DIVAR IP 5000
Maximum drives supported 4
Available capacities per drive 2 TB
Hot swappable
Export/ back-up of data Data format native, MOV, ASF
Built-in DVD writer
Supported devices External CD/DVD Writer,
 USB 2.0 , USB 3.0, i SCSI
Back-up mode Manual or Automatic
Redundancy Power suply redundancy
Hot swappable HDD
Software options PTZ control
CCTV keybord support
Admin control
Export option
Remote access Mobile device (smart phone/ tablet) Video security app
Network  10/100/1000 Ethernet
Web browser access
Simultaneous accessible users
Advanced features support Forensic search support(metadata)
Supported software Bosch Video Client (v1.5 or newer)
Bosch Video Management System (v4.50 or newer)
3rd Party software
3rd party integration tools Optional ATM/POS integration

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آدرس دفتر مرکزی :
تهران، خیابان فاطمی (غرب) - بین حجاب و پروین اعتصامی - برج ساعت - طبقه 3 - واحد 32

تلفن :
6 -88970294

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